Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Shelter Bay

Maybe it's the crispness in the air, the beautiful apples glistening in the market or I've been away from home too much. I just couldn't rouse myself for an outing last evening. Besides, I had lots of leftovers (from all those generous portions at restaurants!) and haven't been using my deck as much as in times past. Dad had a companion, Glen, for the evening so I chose to stay at home and enjoy my deck.

Shelter Bay

So I sat there snapping photos, watching the dogs being walked and listening to the drone of the small single engine seaplanes overhead. I wondered what the people passing by on the path though of the barnyard noises coming from my open door. I've become slightly addicted to FarmVille on Facebook, and my 'animals' were braying and clucking in the background. You know that's a very educational little game. However, the creators COULD really inject a little more reality into it... you have to mortgage the farm to the bank to buy seed, blights happen, regulators tell you to widen the area between the animals and ground crops, etc. Those were the kind of musings I was having in the fall evening without something else demanding attention.

Left overs

So I had some leftover rice that I covered with some seaweed sprinkles, and had an assortment of other things from fridge and a crab cake from Molly Stone's.

Close up of Left overs

Leaning in I took a good whiff of the smell of deliciousness. Mmmm. I could enjoy some more peaceful nights like this!

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