Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last but definitely not least

China Express

I did it! I've managed to eat my way through every Chinese restaurant in Marin, with the finale being lunch at China Express in Novato yesterday. I was greeted by a most enthusiastic young man who said that he and his parents run the place. And he proceeded to tell me who cooked which dishes. And he sometimes makes the crab ragoon. Not only that but EVERYTHING is made fresh, nothing comes from cans. He was quite rightly proud.

Prawn and vegetables box

The offerings under the glass mostly had chicken in them, and when he found out that I'm only eating fish/seafood and vegetables, he asked if I liked shrimp, and would I like a freshly made shrimp dish made just for me for the same lunch special price? That was an offer I couldn't refuse. He asked how spicy I liked things, and I indicated mild. So I got the beautiful result pictured above. It was really very good! This is a VERY casual place, mostly take out with a few mismatched chairs out front, where I sat. I watched a delivery of FRESH chow mein noodles go by. No wonder these taste so good! I loved that there was a variety of vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and bok choy, cooked nicely in a little garlic sauce to a perfect crisp-tender. The family is so thoughtful too.

Insect repellant

There was a broken down old car that parked right in front of me, with a tired, elderly man inside. The woman inside came out and was so kind to him, offering assistance. I could partly overhear the conversation. I was touched. And they also took care for their customers enjoying meals outside by burning some incense just outside the door to drive away any pesky insects. Yes, I asked what it (what's in the above photo) was. I would enjoy lunch or take out here again in a heartbeat.

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