Sunday, September 06, 2009

It's open!

Cafe Trio

I've been watching with interest the site of the former World Coffee Cafe as a sign appeared announcing the new Cafe Trio in San Rafael. A phone number recently appeared in the Montecito Plaza directory, so I called it one evening to find if it was open. The news was, that opening day was the next day, September 2nd. Guess who got up early to go with her father?

Vegan Benedict

We were greeted warmly and found one woman eating pancakes (that looked wonderful) had preceded us. The menu was interesting, and I couldn't resist ordering the Vegan Benedict. It sounded so unique with tofu topping English muffins covered in a curry sauce. It was very good, and I would order it again. The curry sauce is made with coconut milk, however the kitchen didn't have it yet and I accepted a dairy substitution. It still was quite good. The potatoes were spiked with rosemary and the fruit was sweet. What wonderful palate awakener this dish was.

Mushroom, Bacon and Swiss Omelet

My father wanted something a little more traditional so ordered a mushroom, bacon and swiss omelet. He said it was tasty and the volume was more than he could finish. He especially appreciated the bread as it was hearty and looked like it was a home baked type, whether or not it was. I could smell it's fragrance across the table. The atmosphere had a bit of a middle east feel, and the interior has mixed neutral colors placed in a way that feels quite elegant. It also has a comfortable looking bar area. Another tidbit I heard was that Cafe Trio shares an owner with Aroma Cafe. I definitely recommend breakfast lovers try this place.

Restaurant Inspection Results

Cafe Trio has not yet been inspected.

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