Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will it thrive?

Tomato growing

My friend Jo-Ann picked up this container loving tomato plant for me from one of the local Farmer's Markets back in May. Then I promptly got the H1N1 and it was left languishing in its little container until just a couple weeks ago. I noticed it was valiantly trying to grow a tiny tomato, so although very late, I potted it in a big container on my front desk. The tomato has at least doubled in size in the last two weeks, and another small one is generating itself on a leaf below.

Tomato plant with Plant Nanny

I picked up a Plant Nanny as an experiment to see if a more even watering as the plant wants would help it. We'll keep a watch on it!

I'm afraid I was so caught up in getting to the latest of the Harry Potter series last night that I skipped a post. I will report that Harry Potter fans will love the Half-Blood Prince!

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