Thursday, July 09, 2009

Who's got moussaka?

Rain Tree Cafe

I recently made friends with an artist, Andi, who has been transplanted from Marin to British Colombia, Canada for a period of time, and who mentioned that she would miss moussaka when she returns to live here as we don't have any Greek restaurants. And that is true. However so very coincidentally, the same day she wrote me about it (yesterday) Dad and I went to lunch at the Rain Tree Cafe in Mill Valley.


And what did they have on their special Mediterranean menu rolled out earlier this year? Moussaka! Have I ever mentioned this dish is a weakness of mine? I thought I'd be clever and order it for Dad. ahh not. By the time it came, I knew it was destined for me. I now have a refill of B12. The bottom layer was made of thinly sliced potato, nestled atop the potato was sauteed eggplant and ground beef, with a creamy luscious bechamel sauce topping it off. And it was accompanied by a fresh mixed green salad, lightly dressed. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this indulgence.

Veggie Burger

Meanwhile Dad ended up with the Veggie burger I had ordered for myself. Which he thoroughly enjoyed as well. It comes plainly served with condiments at the table to add to your taste. The wait service was well timed too. So there is at least one place in Marin where Andi can enjoy moussaka! And it may be the only one, as I called the usual suspects such as the Fair Fix Cafe in Fairfax, and checked The Garden in Novato's menu online and have yet to find another. If you know of someplace else serving moussaka in Marin, please write it in the comments so Andi has a choice when she returns home!

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Andi said...

Yippy Anna! I am waving my arms in the air with excitement! I cannot wait to try it when we return to Marin. Now I don't have to trek to Kokkari in SF. They make wicked wonderful Moussaka, but it's a bit far - plus a toll. You made my month! Thanks Anna!!

Anna Haight said...

I've just found another Marin location with moussaka: The Hamilton Cafe in Novato:

Moussaka $18.75
Layered Ground Lamb with Grilled Eggplant and Potatoes and Topped with Béchamel Sauce, Bread Crumbs and Fresh Tomato Sauce

The Rain Tree Cafe's price is less than $10.