Saturday, July 18, 2009

Light and innovative

Jennie Low's

Jennie Low's left Mill Valley a couple years ago, however, the location in Novato remained. And it was just far enough to keep me from enjoying her light, innovative cooking since the closure. We decided to visit since we were in the neighborhood at Macy's Furniture the other day. (I was ordering a reclining chair for my father's 89th birthday, coming up on Monday.)

Vegetable Potstickers

Dad and I decided to try the Vegetable Potstickers to start. I asked a question of the waiter, I'd always wondered about, "Why do some restaurants serve potstickers with thick wrappings, while others thin and delicate ones"; "Is it a regional difference?" The waiter simply said, it's just the preference of the chef! Mystery solved.

Hong Kong Walnut Prawns

The Hong Kong Walnut Prawns sounded like a winner, and it was. The plump, fresh prawns were coated in a sweet glaze with crunchy sugar-coated walnuts on top. The half circles of orange slices gave it a festive air.

Jennie’s Cantonese Noodles

Jennie's Cantonese Noodles in original sauce were light and interesting with the curly ramen noodles as the main ingredient. The noodles made a great foil for the sweet prawns. We enjoyed the meal and the friendly service. The prices are reasonable, and there is a whole section of light and healthy choices besides the usual. It is definitely a place that once you try, you'll find yourself going back. There is a location in Petaluma as well.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 0
Noncritical: 0
Last inspected: 5/29/2009

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