Saturday, July 25, 2009

Corn cakes for breakfast

Savory Corn Cake

When you have corn on the cob in the CSA box and have a father who can't eat it on the cob, more creative thoughts come to mind. I remembered my mother making savory corn cakes, and thought why not for breakfast? The one above was the first one out of the pan, so it shows the pattern of the olive oil and a bit crispier edges than the rest of the batch.

Fresh Organic Corn

I started by cutting off the kernels from the fresh corn. I thought I had all the silk pulled off the ear, but when I started cutting I had to start a new round of pulling it out from the places it had tightly squeezed itself into around the kernels.

Savory Corn Cake close up

I also chopped up some tops of green onion for it. To make it you basically mix in the chopped green onions and fresh corn into a pancake batter. My batter was a amaranth flour, whole wheat flour, unbleached flour mix of about a cup, to 2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 1 beaten egg, 1 cup buttermilk and a little water until it was the right consistency. Then you just cook these like pancakes and serve with butter. Dad and I both enjoyed this savory corn cake breakfast.

Reusing green onion bottoms

And I also had cut off enough green onion tops to plant in a planter. You know that the bottoms are easy to replant in a pot?

Green Onions in the pot

Never mind about the straight rows, nature doesn't do that anyway. As they regrow their tops, they will straighten up and start listing into the sun. It's surprising how long the green regrowth will last, and it's nice to have fresh green tops just cut from the 'garden'.


Zoomie said...

The cakes sound interesting and the replanting of the green onions is a great idea!

kudzu said...

Anna-Corte Madera Cafe specializes in corn pancakes! They don't use onions, since they're a breakfast-style dish with butter and maple syrup, but they're lovely. And they make them large, to cover the whole plate. Yum.

Anna Haight said...

Kudzu - oh yum! They were on my list to revisit, now I know what to order.