Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Value Japanese


One of my friends Jo-Ann suggested that I revisit Taki in Novato as she'd been this spring, amidst a lot of reconstruction chaos and found that the restaurant was going out of its way to give great value meals.

Taki Restaurant

I made the mistake the first time, going on a Monday when it was closed, and the whole shopping center looked condemned. It was all cordoned off and you had to drive around the service entrances in the back to even get to it. This photo was taken on the second try a few weeks later, and it was MUCH better. I really felt sorry for the businesses electing to stay as the mess had to discourage business unless you were a previous customer who KNEW it was still open.


But by the time I arrived the second trip the parking and nice cobblestone circle was complete.


Now the food was very tasty and was a good value. There was a lot of volume in all of our meals. Glen (who helps with Dad twice a week), Dad & I went together. First came a nice cabbage salad with a sweet soy dressing. We asked that the miso soup be served Japanese-style at the end of the meal instead of with the salad. However, we were so full at the end, that we asked for it in a to-go container. It was good even heated up the next day.

Tonkatsu and Tempura

Glen had the Tonkatsu and Tempura combo, which also came with a big round mound of Asian cole slaw. He said it was great.

Lemon Chicken

Dad enjoyed his Lemon Chicken, which had a sweet lemon sauce to dip or pour over a flattened and panko coated chicken breast which had been deep fried. It also had a huge mound of Asian slaw.

Tempura and Teriyaki

I enjoyed a Tempura and Salmon Teriyaki combination. It had the accompaniments mentioned above, and also my favorite takuan pickle, tomato and orange slice. The others had the same, and I particularly enjoyed the takuan and fresh orange refresher. The portions were very generous. There were three jumbo tempura'd prawns, most places only give you two. There was no skimping on any of our meals. The service was prompt and friendly in a subdued, Japanese way. We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experiene.

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Anonymous said...

Taki is decent for the area, one of the better Japanese spots. However they need to update their menu as it is a bit dated and never changing.