Monday, July 13, 2009

New Bakery Cooperative

Arizmendi Bakery

There is a new cooperative owned bakery coming to San Rafael - Arizmendi Bakery. It will be in the building in San Rafael that briefly housed the Taste of Rome. The "Tidbits" section of the Marin IJ ran an informative story about it this week. I've been to their Cheeseboard Pizza in Berkeley before but not to the bakery. The pizza was great!


cookiecrumb said...

This is good news! Alas, I'm afraid I'm off gluten forever... maybe they do some GF baking?

Greg said...

I've been to the Emeryville location and it is real good pizza as well. A welcome addition to 4th st.

Vicki Larson said...

Thanks for the nice words, Anna. I'd never heard of them before, and am excited that they're coming. I love the co-op idea, too.

hope you're well. V