Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sipping in Monterey


Last week I was away for a couple days on business, missing a post or so. On the way back from Oxnard, we stopped into Monterey. I enjoyed strolling the old wharf and stopped in a cute coffee shop Plumes, for a little rest before meeting back up again with my business companions for dinner.

Double Mocha

The place was cute, had WiFi and was pretty busy. Seemed popular with the Mac set and the staff were quite welcoming. The mocha was smooth and tasty too. I particularly liked the cup's cover design, made so that no matter where you gripped it, you wouldn't burn yourself.

I didn't take photos, but had a great dinner with business associates in nearby Carmel, at Robata Grill & Sake Bar located in "The Barnyard". We had tempura, edamame and agedashi tofu appetizers, followed by a table full (no exaggeration) of the finest nigiri sushi around. If you are in the Carmel area and have a craving for Japanese food I highly recommend this place.

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