Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Warm food - good ambiance


Yesterday was a coolish day in southern Marin, particularly Sausalito. I felt like Italian food, and decided to let the availability of parking decide where. That is not an uncommon deciding factor in San Francisco and its environs. I found a place not far from Poggio, and it had been too long since I last visited so the die was cast. There is very pleasant seating on the sidewalk, but it was a little too cool, so I took a seat just on the other side of the glass, rather in the more romantically lit inner interior.

Hot bread & butter

Don't you love it when the bread that is served is not only fresh, but warm? In this case, it was even hot! The butter was a very creamy one too, which made a very decadent start to the meal.

Linguine con vongole

Linguine with manila clams was a choice on the menu I couldn't resist. I even accepted an offer of some freshly ground pepper to top it. The clams were tender, and the juices at the bottom were divine. I used some of the extra bread to sop them up quietly since it probably wasn't the best of manners. But it was SO good.

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Zoomie said...

Nonsense! Juice sopping is not only acceptable in Italy, it's required! :-) It tells the cook you really, really liked her/his work!