Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sunny breakfast in Tiburon

New Morning Cafe

Wow, it is last weekend already that Dad & I took an notion for a sunny breakfast in Tiburon. Tiburon is a great place to go for breakfast because there are several great choices for enjoyable breakfast pleasures, so if one is too busy there are easy alternatives. The New Morning Cafe is one of those great places.

Hot Chocolate

Dad started off with Hot Chocolate that came with racing stripes.


Dad ordered a combo breakfast which he realized was just much too much food. We took some home. Fluffy buttermilk pancakes, tender ham, an egg over easy and home fries were all part of the plate. He said it was all good.


I had to order something with the audacity to call itself the "Scrumptious". And well, it was. It was a mix of potatoes, onions, some spinach and fresh tomatoes scrambled up with some melted cheddar, with an egg of your desire draped on top. I asked for a scrambled egg, and also chose wheat toast. The only off note in the morning is that the wooden benches were a bit too hard for my father to sit on very for very long. And unfortunately the service was VEERRRY slow. The servers seemed to be on break. There were four of them sitting on the steps of the building across the street. Staff deserves breaks, but it's hard not to feel annoyed when you can see them and you are not getting service at any kind of acceptable pace. The food was good though.

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