Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Retro all the way

Shoreline Coffee Shop

Dad wanted some old fashioned comfort food breakfast, so Shoreline Coffee Shop came to mind. A small sign over the door states "In business since 1964", and parts of the business sure seem to dwell in that timeframe.

Cheese omelet

The menu is very simple. On the omelet side the the choices are simply plain, cheese or ham and cheese. I chose cheese. The omelet style is a thin crepe of egg, cooked then rolled several times with the ingredients inside. I was disappointed in the processed American cheese filling, but it just goes to the 'retro' character. The waitress was perky and pretty and very helpful, although not a teeny-bopper by any stretch.

Two eggs and ham

Dad had two eggs over easy with ham. The hash browns that accompanied both our dishes were quite good, and we were brought not only ketchup, but hot sauce. In fact, the 'exciting' menu items were the two Mexican breakfast offerings. It's not the most exciting place to have breakfast, but it has a neigborhood following, and if you are hungry these simple dishes would taste mighty good.

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