Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clams surfing


Well I finally made it back to work, for at least part of the day. And then had my first blogging foray out. Had to make it nearby and thought Fish might have just what I'd like.

One of the items on the chalkboard was listed as Grilled Surfer Clams over Rice "alla Puttanesca". Never having heard of 'surfer' clams, my mind conjured up an image of a little clam trying to catch a ride on a foamy wave. The woman at the counter explained that these were large clams, typically 4" - 8" which were literally filleted and grilled, and were remininscent of abalone. That was enough for me!

Grilled Surfer Clams over Rice Puttanesca

The Rice alla Puttanesca was very colorful with chives, parsley, green onions, capers, fresh red onions, green olives, kalamata olives, yellow and also orange cherry tomatoes tossed in. The grilled fillets of surfer clam were tender and delicious and yes, reminded me of abalone. The portion is large and enough to take home for another meal. I'd not hesitate to have this one again.

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Zoomie said...

That's always a good place for fresh fish!

Anonymous said...

Now I know what I want to order the next time I go there! At the risk of being repetitious, you have such a wonderful eye for photos. The shell on the sand image is not something most food blogs would have... and it is the perfect way to express how Fish is right by the shoreline. I envy your eye for images. Anyway, yet again, thanks for the great post.

Anna Haight said...

Zoomie: Yes indeed!
E.D.: Thanks so much! I have to say I really learned what I know about photography from taking photos for this blog. The every day practice seems to be the trick.