Monday, September 08, 2008

Neighborhood Bagels

New York Bagels

New York Bagels has been a good place to get a quick and tasty breakfast bite for a number of years. It's located in Mill Valley's Strawberry Village, and has a few tables inside and out to enjoy items for 'here'.

Egg & Cheese on Onion Bagel

I hadn't visited in a while so I was surprised to see it not in as perky shape as I'd remembered. The refrigerated case which used to hold various flavors of cream cheese and lox was completely empty, and many of the former menu items were blocked off by squares of white paper. Nonetheless, I enjoyed an onion bagel with egg and cheese at one of the tables outside the door. I would recommend sticking to the simple items for take out here, as it seemed to be in disheveled shape, both inside and out with the tables not cleaned off well.


Janelle said...

Hey Anna, I enjoyed being here. You take great pictures - especially of the front of the restaurants which I need so I don't get lost. I also appreciate the list of things to do in the Bay Area as I'm always looking for more fun things to do with my family.

You seem like a great person to go to lunch with!

Have a great day.


Anna Haight said...

Janelle: Welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! It's also nice to know someone's enjoying the activities listing. I started making a list for myself, and thought why not put it up for everyone? I visited your blog and found it quite beautiful -- beautiful daughters too!

Catherine said...

HI Anna,

They do have the cream cheeses and lox. You have to ask for it, tho.