Saturday, September 13, 2008

Leisurely meal fit for a Maharaja

Gaylord India Restaurant

The traffic was at a standstill when I left Sausalito yesterday to go the two exits up to my home. Friday night traffic has come back with a vengeance. During the summer, it seems that Thursday night traffic is actually worse for so many enjoying the nice weather with a three-day weekend. Given I had also worked through lunch, I didn't feel like going very far away for dinner. So I picked up Dad and headed back into Sausalito to enjoy a view meal at Gaylord India Restaurant.

View of San Francisco

And what a nice view it was. We made it before the fog had completely obscured San Francisco, and a couple of seals danced in the water and played peek-a-boo with us during the meal as well.

House Green Salad

Dad and I each choose a prix fixe dinner for the evening to have a little variety. Both came with a Mixed House Salad. As with many places, the prices have shot up tremendously, and looking at building our own meal vs choosing a prix fixe meal, it seemed the better choice.

Thali (Vegetarian)

I chose the Thali (Vegetarian) meal, which they managed to stack up all on a platter. The breads are covering a large metal bowl of rice. The items on this tray are clockwise, Navaratan Korm, Sag Aloo, Raita, Mattar Paneer, Dal Makhani, Papadum and underneath the papadum, two Poori and the Basmati Rice Pullao! Even though it was all on one tray, it was too much food to finish.


Dad's Maharaja meal came in several dishes. The dinner plate came with his Tandoori Chicken, Basmati Rice Pullao and Sag Paneer.


When the brass double sided dish was set in front of him, he exclaimed, "Is this mine too?!". "Yes Dad", I said, "It's your Rogan Josh and Chicken Tikka Masala".

Onion Kulcha

Then his basket of Onion Kulcha was placed nearby as well. Needless to say we had a well-packed doggie bag.

Mango Ice Cream

But wait, choice of dessert and tea came with the meal as well. (And we did enjoy a sweet lassi to start). Dad chose the Mango Ice Cream, which despite packing the majority of his meal, he managed to finish off completely.


I tried the Kulfi, saffron flavored ice cream with pistachios. For the life of me, I couldn't find any pistachios in or on it. But there were plenty of ice crystals in it as the frozen dessert is house made. In general, the food was outstanding though. The dal was particularly wonderful having a depth of flavor and an interesting assortment of beans. The service was rather slow for being the only ones in the restaurant. Our waiter was delightful, and I chalked the delay up to perhaps all those little dishes needing to be prepared separately in the kitchen. But it is, as I imagine, the kind of slow meal in front of a dazzling view that a maharaja might enjoy. And the talented Brian Wallace was providing just the right musical ambiance with the sitar.

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