Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sushi to Dai For

Been dying to try.
I found a good opening to try Sushi to Dai For in its new space, it's LARGE new space. It's huge and echoing and I can imagine it hopping with fun at night. So what if the rolls aren't very authentic. They are inventive and artistic, and the menu is huge.

Niagra Roll

I decided to try the Niagra roll, a special. Albacore tuna paired with something green, I've already forgotten - either avocado or cucumber, with green tea soba noodles, daikon radish spouts and a drizzle of jalepeno (hot!) ponzu over the top. I had my doubts about this combination, but it worked! I'd order the same again if it were to appear on the menu.

Steamed shrimp shumai

Not realizing that the Niagra roll would be a meal in itself, I also ordered the steamed shrimp shumai. These were steaming hot, fresh and tender. Well worth having again sometime. The service was a bit confused, but friendly. I think they are still working out the logistics of such a cavernous place.

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Anonymous said...

Recently I ate there. The service was decent, but the food quality left a lot to be desired. The crab was old, rubbery, and a little gamey. The other roll and maki dishes of the four ordered were better, but uninspiring. We were left dissapointed. Place shows potential, they need to execute better.