Friday, February 08, 2008

New Hong Kong Menu

Happy New Year, Chinese style.
I met Sachiko for dinner tonight, and we tried a small restaurant favorite of hers on the edge of Chinatown, New Hong Kong Menu. I apologize for the blurry photos, the lighting and camera were just not in sync.

Seafood soup with the works

This seafood based soup had everything but the kitchen sink in it, and it tasted good!


Next came a special New Year's dish - "Jai", which is completely vegetarian and the ingredients symbolize good things for the new year. I was delighted by the copious amounts of ginko nuts in the dish. The plate was absolutely huge! Banquet style. Needless to say we each took a large to go box of this.

Scallops, egg white & scallion fried rice

We also had a scallop, egg white and scallion fried rice which was a nice background for all the other flavors to stand out from. It was good in and of itself as well. A delightful dive with friendly native Chinese staff with good food in large portion without a large price.

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