Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Little Mandarin

Tiny and good.
I've been driving by this "Little Mandarin" restaurant with curiosity for some time. Finally I took a chance to find parking and try it out yesterday for lunch.

Egg Drop Soup

You walk past some empty steam tables up front, but soon you see a busy and bustling section where you hope you will have a chance to sit after all. Where did all those people come from? As soon as I was seated a hot bowl of egg drop soup was placed in front of me, before I could even grab the menu!

Spring Rolls

This restaurant has a cash only policy, and no 'lunch combos', but they do have rice plates. I decided to try their spring rolls which are vegetables only with the main. These were fresh from the wok hot, crisp and delicious.

Tofu Vegetarian with Rice

One always wonders what a description like "Tofu Vegetarian with Rice" actually means. But I took a chance and found it meant a generous portion of deep-fried tofu slices sauteed with fresh green peppers and mushrooms in a pleasing and light garlic sauce. This dish definitely gets a thumbs up as well. Little Mandarin specializes in North China Shan Dong Cooking, and is open every day for eat-in or take out. Be prepared for a very casual atmosphere, but quick service and clean surroundings. And not to mention very reasonable pricing. The "Tofu Vegetarian with Rice" was only $5.54! They've been in business for more than 20 years - it looks like they've hit upon the winning combination.

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