Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lobster dinner

Big sky kind of day.
Yesterday I came back from Central California with lots of good things in the works. It was also spectacularly beautiful. The sky was so blue and seemed to be endless as far as the eye could see in some places. But more about that later in the post. I'd like to introduce you to a lovely dining spot in Visalia, The Depot. Our client took us to dinner there, and it's always wise to trust a local to know the best places. I couldn't resist snapping the shot of this succulent, moist and very large lobster tail. It was one of the best I've ever had. He also advised us to ask for the 'off-menu' twice baked potato, which also was fabulous, with just the right amount of flavorings to set off the freshly baked flesh. The pan roasted broccoli and carrots were very flavorful and finished to the correct doneness. The accompanying Caesar salad had the added color of some diced tomatoes which made it quite festive. It was also very fresh and had great dressing. The dessert, an orange and cream cheesecake, tasted like a cheesecake Popsicle. A bit too much given the rest of the meal, but tasty.

The Depot

The Depot is housed in a converted railway station, complete with beautiful stained glass and a warm interior. The staff is also quite warm and friendly. If you are looking for fine dining in the central part of California, this place is definitely worth an evening and your money.

Almond trees in bloom

If you are anywhere in the Central Valley, don't miss appreciating all the beautiful almond trees in bloom. It's simply breathtaking to look down these rows and see nothing but blossoms as far as you can see.


And it was interesting to see all the bee houses at the end of the rows. Those bees must be in heaven amongst all those blossoms! A close up of those below. Spring has sprung!

Almond blossoms

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Greg said...

Lobster and twice baked taters! Your talking my language.What a beautiful sight.