Wednesday, October 10, 2007

be my guest

Thai with Japanese sensibilities.
I was in San Francisco the other day, and when deciding on where to go for dinner, thought that although I love Japanese food, I had better broaden my horizons that night. Knowing Clement Street to be full of culinary delights, I headed that direction, and frankly, the deciding factor was finding a non-Japanese restaurant in the vicinity of the first parking place I could find.

Shrimp Chips

With a name like "be my guest", I shoulda guessed. But seeing a bright and happy looking "Thai Bistro" near my parking space, I thought I'd give it a try. Be my guest's website consists of its menu. As soon as I sat, freshly made shrimp chips appeared.

Fresh Ginger Lemonade

I ordered a Fresh Ginger Lemonade to sip while looking over the menu. It was fresh and zippy! And did I have a start when reading down the menu -- okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), edamame? Japanese curry? Kiiro (yellow in Japanese) curry??? Whaaaat? I had inadvertently stumbled upon a Thai restaurant whose owner is half Japanese and half Thai. So much for avoiding Japanese that night!

Fresh Spring Roll

I tried the enticing Fresh Spring Rolls to start. These spring rolls were stuffed with tofu, shrimp, crabmeat, egg, cucumber, bean sprouts, mint wrapped with romaine and rice wrapper served with tamarind sauce. Notice the beautiful food design, so very Japanese influenced.

Steamed Fish Curry Cupcake (Haw Mok)

The waiter recommended a special - a Steamed Fish Curry Cupcake (Haw Mok). This was something that a foodie DREAMS of happening upon! So beautifully presented, and described on the menu as "saba filet fish seasoned with red curry paste, coconut milk, thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves, topped on sliced cabbage, served up in banana leaf cup and coconut infused rice." This was a taste sensation, and highly recommendable! The verdict: I'd certainly like to be a guest here again!

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Elle said...

It's really funny that you ended up with Japanese influenced food anyway. Sometimes the universe just knows what we need to eat, or something.
The styling of the food really is lovely.