Monday, October 15, 2007


Hawaiian spirit at the Hukilau. My friend Sachiko knows all the interesting places. Last night we tried dinner at da Hukilau.

Tofu & Avocado Salad w/Maui Onion Dressing

Cheerfully we were told that they were out of ahi, so instead of the Poke Salad would we be interested in the delicious tofu salad with avocado. We agreed this sounded good as well! And with its Maui Onion dressing on the side, it was fabulous and fresh.

Sunday Special

We shared the salad and entree family style as it was a lot of food, just as we thought. We had the Sunday Laulau special. The Laulau is the ti-leaf wrapped packet on the right of the plate, filled with kalua pork and butterfish - it melted in our mouths! And the inner part had tender taro leaves which were edible with the fillings. The dish that looks like salsa, is actually Lomilomi, a kind of Hawaiin ceviche. Tomatoes, onions, and sea salted salmon, it was delightful. In the middle was Kalua Pig, a kind of tender pulled pork. You can see the rice, and requisite macaroni salad. The desert was Haupia, the white solid coconut pudding. It was cool, smooth and delicious. All-in-all a fun escape into the island breezes of flavor!

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muffintop said...

Oh, I have got to go there! Thanks for the tip. Gahhh. Tummy growl.
(Anna, click through on my name. Surprise!)