Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Flowery Lunch.
I've noticed this pink and red and bright looking place for some time, and finally it was the day to stop. Chrysanthemum's lunch menu was simple, and easy to mix and match, except for the soup.

Hot & Sour Soup

The only soup offered was hot & sour, which many people adore, but I've never particularly liked. I think it was fine, but I'm not to be relied on for hot & sour tastings.

Egg Roll

I tried their spring roll which came out hot, delightfully flaky and delicious.

Peking Pork

It was harder to decide on the entree, as I was in the mood for chicken, but the only white meat chicken on the menu was in the Lemon Chicken dish. I thought if I were going to go for something deep fried, I may as well try something different. So I tried their Peking Pork Chops, which were lean medallions of pork, breaded and deep fried with a sauce that was a cross between lemon and sweet and sour. Interesting mix, and tasty if you like sweet sauces. I took a doggie bag as it is way too much for lunch. I also took their brown rice option for an extra $.75. The service was friendly, and I'd like to try their dinner menu sometime to make a more rounded decision about them. I can say that the food was fresh, timely and tasty.

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