Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Quiet and Delicious Breakfast Hideaway.
I'd received some enthusiastic recommendations about Eduardo's from some friends, so found the time to find this hidden-in-plain-view treasure of a place. If you are looking for a trendy upscale kind of place, keep going, but if you are looking for freshly made items with a loving touch in a casual atmosphere, you've got to try this one. I spoke to Neuza, the sister of the actual Eduardo who is running the restaurant after Eduardo headed south to San Diego after more than 20 years of success. I found Neuza patiently training new staff that morning, and exuding a sweet and nice aunt-like demeanor. This is a family run restaurant, with other members around as well, and everything is made freshly each day.

California Omelet

I ordered the California omelet, which contained turkey or chicken sausage, avocado, cheddar and a fresh salsa topping, along with obviously freshly made home fries and just out of the oven herb bread toast.

Eduardo's omelet

Dad enjoyed Eduardo's special omelet, which contained bacon, sour cream, avocado and cheddar cheese. If you are a fan of fluffy omelets, these are definitely of that variety. They also had a muffin tin on the counter, with freshly out-of-the-oven muffins with irregular tops and edges like homemade ones will have. I notice these were chosen by the majority of the patrons while I was there, they must know something... Eduardo's also serves lunch, and I was impressed by their list of eight freshly made soups to chose from among other things! It is in a cafeteria style with trays and a counter which you see when you first open the door, and you choose your seat in warmly decorated large semi-separated rooms. I would also echo my friends' recommendation to me that this place is great.

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You don't say where the restaurant is? Address and phone number would be helpful! Thanks.