Friday, March 27, 2009

Timing is everything

Broccoli Flowers with a view

Today I have an herb tale. Little did I know when I planted broccoli (for the first time) on my deck in containers last fall that this would be the outcome. I kept loving watch over it, sent it good intentions and watered it.

Broccoli February 2009

And it took ever so long to grow a small bulb of it. Everyone (at least 2 people) told me that I need to plant it in BIG pots because it gets HUGE. So I waited... and waited...

Broccoli flowering

and waited some more until AWK! I waited too long. Apparently I should have just picked it when I took the photo of that bulb! Well, not so fast. Broccoli flowers are edible!


So I picked some yellow broccoli flowers, and a sprig of mint from the pot next to it. I washed and prepped these and added a handful of mixed organic greens from my first delivery from Betty's Organics. (My lovely neighbor Jerrie and I are splitting a weekly box.)

Broccoli Flower - Mint Salad

And so the Broccoli Flower - Mint Salad was born! As well as my post for Weekend Herb Blogging this week. And this event is being hosted at Anna's Cool Finds this week. I'll be doing the recap on Sunday.

So what did these little flowers taste like? Slightly spicy and as you bite into the green stem, just like broccoli.

The nutritional value is probably like that of regular broccoli. I've heard that sprouts are actually more nutritious than the mature vegetables, I wonder if this holds true for blossoms?

This was one of the most fun salads to put together and to eat in a long time! And this must qualify as s-l-o-w food as I planted the broccoli in September.


Zoomie said...

What a fun post - good on you for making fun out of what others might see as a failure!

brii said...

anna it looks delicious!!

must try it...I love working in the garden, and trying everything I plant :)))

have a nice sunday evening

Kalyn said...

How fun! I've never grown broccoli. My sister grows it ever year though, and says the home-grown broccoli is amazing. I'll have to ask her if she's eaten the flowers!