Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh no!

cinecitta curl

Maybe I should just stay in the house and cook here for awhile. It's downright depressing to leave the house for a nice meal, and find yet ANOTHER solid restaurant is CLOSED. Yes, Cinecitta in San Rafael has closed. I drove all the way back to San Rafael in the evening, just to be sure I could believe my eyes. The windows have brown kraft paper taped half way up. A call to the old phone number revealed conclusively that it is closed.

There is a silver lining in this, the message on the machine also said that another restaurant will open up there in May, and it will include a reunion of staff from the old Giorgio's and Salute restaurants. It also revealed the name, however, I won't massacre it by guessing how to spell it here. It will have to remain a mystery, or you can call the voicemail and see if you can decipher it.


Mike said...

According to the California ABC Liquor License page, the new restaurant is going to be called Ginolina Ristorante.

Anna Haight said...

Thanks Mike!