Friday, March 20, 2009

Multi-generational hang out

Pinky's Pizza

Yes, Pinky's Pizza in San Rafael could be considered a bit of a dive, however, it also has the earmarks of a place well loved by generations of kids growing up in the area. There are eight televisions above and to the sides of the bar broadcasting various sporting events, and mostly men from suited to baseball capped sitting and enjoying a beer there. There were a couple of families with elementary aged kids with high energy stirring around while waiting for their pizza, and three teenage boys having a ball in the video arcade section in the back. There were a group of four retirees sitting in the plastic deck chairs to my right. I was sitting on a well padded bench next to one of the long wooden tables. Yes, this would be a great place to take the team for some celebratory pizza!

The Parisien

I ordered a 'mini-pizza', "The Parisien". It had capers, roasted garlic cloves, goat cheese and 'caramelized' onions. The onions weren't caramelized, but roasted red, and still tasted good. The garlic had a lovely well-roasted flavor as well, however, there were a bit too many of them. The capers made a nice salty contrast to it all. The service was friendly and prompt, and this pizza parlor definitely has a place in one's repertoire of places to visit. (I'm sure my nephew would love a visit here next time.)

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 1
Noncritical: 1
Last inspected: 3/4/2009

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