Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple, elegant and raw


Paul dropped into the Bay area last weekend, and we got together for lunch one day in San Francisco at Alive!, a restaurant I've been drooling over every time I pass it on Lombard. It was small, quiet and quite elegant. And the specialty is RAW food, beautifully presented.

Pumpkin Shitake Soup

I adored my bowl of sunshine, or otherwise known as Pumpkin Shitake soup. This was my favorite dish there. It was full of flavor and warm.

Shitake Burger

Paul love shitake, so he was immediately drawn to the Shitake Burger on the menu. Paul liked it so much he said he'd come again just for it. The 'bun' was formed quinoa to the best we could tell.

Hummus Wrap

I had a hummus wrap, which was wrapped in what I believe was a slightly vinegared kale leaf. It was a fresh and crisp - smooth taste with hummus surrounding carrots and avocado and other seasonal vegetables.

Candy Cap Mushroom Cheesecake

We had to have dessert when we saw the inventive dessert menu, and of course we felt so 'good' having the light vegan fare that we felt justified. I was astonished to see "Candy Cap Mushrooms" on the menu as an ingredient in a cheesecake, so that's what I ordered. And as a vegan 'cheesecake' it was made with cashew butter. Oh, it was so good, and the taste of the candy caps minced and distributed inside reminded me of the flavor of the ones I picked in the forest one year with a friend. I would recommend this dessert highly.

Tangerine Cake

Paul chose the tangerine cake. It looked like quinoa mixed with cashew cream topped with the ripe perfection of tangerine slices. We shared bites of each, and his was amazing as well. Alive! was welcoming, comfortable and their food was a treat for the eye as well as the taste buds.

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