Thursday, March 05, 2009

If you don't think about it...

The Dead Fish

My friend Karen suggested we catch up over dinner at a uniquely named restaurant in Crockett, CA - "The Dead Fish". The restaurant's site explains:

"Chef Andrea Froncillo's beloved Nonna cooked for a big family and didn't have time to track all of the different recipes she prepared, so when her grandson asked what kind of fish she cooked, she replied, "It's a dead fish!""

Entrance to The Dead Fish

The restaurant is located just off the last exit before crossing the Carquinez Bridge heading towards Sacramento on I-80. It's quite easy to get to, and has lots of parking.

French Bread

So quick as to be nearly simultaneous with your sitting down, some fresh and delicious French Bread is served.

Lemon Drop & Appletini

Karen and I had a lot to catch up on, and it was yet early (5 p.m) so we decided to enjoy before dinner drinks - me a lemon drop, and Karen an appletini. These were mixed nicely and well chilled.

View of Carquinez Bridge

We enjoyed watching the bridge scene as the light slowly faded out, and our drinks slowly drained.

Fried Castroville Artichokes

We also enjoyed an appetizer, the Fried Castroville Artichokes, as we sipped.

Nonna's World Famous Killer Crab

We ate "Lotsa" Nona's World Famous Killer Crab roasted in a secret garlic sauce. Oh this was SO good we wanted Lotsa more, but restrained ourselves.

Crab Chowder

We finished the savory menu with a cup of Crab Chowder. It was good, but perhaps a tad salty.

Fresh Fruit Compote

As we continued talking, we decided to share a Fresh Fruit Compote, with the whipped cream on the side. It was a very generous serving of various well-mixed fruits, a the peak of their ripeness. It was a good finish to a rather rich meal. Karen heard that this is a great "2nd Date" place, and I'd have to agree. The good service, great food, and nice ambiance would be a great thing to share.


Zoomie said...

I can't decide why we don't go there more often as we have enjoyed it once or twice. There's a fun, funky place just underneath the bridge, too - can't recall the name... said...

Yeah.. I even too visited that place once and it's a cool place to while a your time for a moment.