Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quality persists

Tha Siam

Dad and I stopped by Tha Siam at Larkspur Landing the other evening for dinner. The interior is meticulously maintained, and the paintings made with metal shimmer, and look as bright and new as the last time I visited. It is truly a unique and inviting space.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

We decided to start with the Vegetarian Spring Rolls, which were excellent and had a pleasing crunch.

Shrimp Yellow Curry

We followed it with a simple Yellow Curry with Shrimp.

Brown Rice

Which paired beautifully with Brown Rice. The rice had a nuttiness to it, and the mild yellow curry created a smooth yet complex taste sensation.

Shrimp Pad Thai

We also ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai. It hit a perfect balance between sweet and sour. The tofu was also nicely prepared by frying the blocks before cutting and stirring into the mix. This is a lovely Thai restaurant to visit when you have a chance.

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Last inspected: 5/29/2008

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