Saturday, April 11, 2009

Audacious name

Best Burger

I wasn't planning to go to Best Burger in San Rafael the other day, but as the rain poured down Thursday evening, and parking was not cooperative I found a spot not far from its doors.

Best Burger Menu

I must have looked strange peering through the window, trying to read the board from afar to see if there was anything non-beef and non-chicken on the menu. I thought I saw a fish head on the middle menu board, so ventured in for dinner. The place had a cheerful vibe, and was sparkly clean. It also appeared to be family-run.

Crispy Fish Sandwich and Onion Rings

I ordered a Crispy Fish Sandwich and Onion Rings with an unsweetened Iced Tea. I thought the fish was a bit thin and with more breading than fish when I first started eating it, however as I progressed through the long sandwich bun, I found it getting thicker in the middle to the perfect balance, then tapering off to a point. There was a WHOLE fillet of a small to medium white fish inside! The lettuce was crisp and the tomato slices were actually tasty too. I enjoyed the change of pace with the onion rings with onion inside that you could taste. There were also salads on the menu as well as a garden burger and salmon burger so there is plenty of choice for non-beef/non-chicken eaters like myself. There were mostly families with children inside, and before I left a cute gaggle of cheerleaders all showed up in uniform together. I'll have to try one of their salads next time.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 0
Noncritical: 0
Last inspected: 3/4/2009

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kudzu said...

Anna--This is a really nice place where the family owners seem to care about their food. I like it that I can order a "junior burger" (to order, medium rare) and don't have to consume such a huge amount of stuff if the burger crave hits when I shop at Trade Joe's. Best to avoid during lunch hour at San Rafael High across the street, but otherwise a great drop-by place.