Friday, April 17, 2009

Big box, good value

Cheesecake Factory

It's been awhile since I visited The Cheesecake Factory in Corte Madera. It's a big box corporate type place, however they've been in business 30 years for a reason. They provide consistently good food at a reasonable price, along with good service and nice ambiance. It's no wonder there is usually a line.

Fish & Chips

I had the 'lunch' sized Beer-Battered Fish & Chips. The Icelandic cod are hand battered on site, and it seemed like a dinner portion to me. I couldn't finish it. There were a lot fries and some tasty rainbow like cole slaw. With its extensive menu, The Cheesecake Factory is a good choice when you have a large crowd that can't agree on a single cuisine.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 0
Noncritical: 4
Last inspected: 12/1/2008

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