Thursday, August 21, 2008

Relaxing in a space that evokes a gentler era

Panama Hotel & Restaurant

A first visit to the restaurant of a charming bed and breakfast type hotel was in the cards last Sunday for Dad & I. The Panama Inn & Restaurant in San Rafael has truly captured something quite special, and very different than any other place in Marin.

Patio Dining

As soon as you walk in the door to the patio and see the profusion of green and flowering plants, it immediately has a calming effect. The hats posted along the muted green fence adds to the relaxing feel.

White Impatients

Behind and beside me were a profusion of flowers.

White Elephant Tea Pot

And the Earl Gray Tea came in an adorable elephant tea pot. Another sign of having entered a gentler, more gracious world. And the tea itself wasn't bad for being the bagged type. And the only service misstep here was that the waiter never did bring me the promised lemon for my tea.

Portabella Mushroom & Spinach Omelet

Dad ordered a Portabella Mushroom & Spinach Omelet with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese. He also added bacon and chose the Whole Grain Toast. The fruit was also at its peak, and the potatoes were good as well.

Eggs San Francisco

I tried San Francisco Eggs. These were a delicious Benedict type dish composed of poached eggs, Dungeness crab cakes, toasted English muffin and hollandaise sauce. It all melded together to create a breakfast fit for a queen. This trip to a different world was wonderful, and particularly recommendable for those with some time to linger.


Anonymous said...

looks so relaxing! Eggs Benedict always makes me feel like napping :)

Zoomie said...

I've enjoyed lingering there more than once - charming, isn't it?