Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homey in San Rafael

Theresa & Johnny's

My photos lack pizazz today, but Theresa & Johnny's Comfort Food is a warm and eclectic place. With a real down home feel, and a Cajun-Southern twist, you can always count on grits as a choice. The owners seem to be very open to new ideas as well. I've seen any number of special theme nights where the restaurant is also open for dinner. Since they've added a website since I last wrote about my experience here, it would be a great place to notify people of their latest special night.

San Rafael Scramble

One recent morning, I enjoyed a San Rafael Scramble with Cheesy Grits. The egg dish was much better than the photo looks. Those caramelized onions are wonderfully sweet scrambled in with some cream cheese. I think the grits rating can depend on what they are eaten with. The egg dish was bland enough that the grits were too bland, a little watery and certainly not cheesy enough. The service was friendly and prompt.

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December 4, 2006

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