Saturday, August 09, 2008

The dishes demanded it

Be My Guest

I didn't intend to blog about the meal at Be My Guest the other night with my friend Sachiko. But this Thai Bistro on Clement Street in San Francisco had dishes just demanding to be blogged.

Garlic Edamame

Like this Garlic Edamame appetizer which just slid its juices over the tongue. If you like garlic, then this is one fine variation on a theme.


And what would Okonomiyaki served at a Thai restaurant taste like? It was great, and the Japanese pizza favored the fluffy pancake-like Osaka style.

Papaya Salad

And what a pretty presentation for a Green Papaya Salad. The grilled shrimp where just the right topping for this marinated fruit and crisp vegetable delight.

Traffic Jam

Finally there was the "Traffic Jam" with some brown rice and cool cucumber salad. The traffic jam consisted of red curry with gluten, yellow curry with chicken, and we changed the green curry with beef to substitute tofu for the beef. They were all good, and what a jam!

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Elle said...

Those edamame beans look so much better than the ones at Sushi Kokku on your trip. Sounds like you and Colin had a lot of fun!