Friday, August 08, 2008

No signage and hidden away

Le Garage

It takes effort to find Le Garage in Sausalito. But a lot of people are making that effort. I took one of the last two tables open for lunch the other day. Despite the economy people flock to excellence.

Mussels du Mistral

And the Mussels du Mistral were the temptation of the day. It was made with aioli, shallots, saffron and white wine. It was a HUGE bowl. I've never been given such a large serving outside of France or Belgium. And the last time I tasted mussels so delicious was in Brussels some years ago. I found strings of real saffron in the broth which was perfect for soaking some bread in for eking out every last bit of flavor.

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Just in case you can't find Schoonmaker Point, were Le Garage is located.

Schoonmaker Point, Sausalito, CA

And the view from the outside seating area was very relaxing. I felt I was on vacation though only a few blocks from my normal workplace.

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May 3, 2008

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