Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Name change but very similar


I was at The Cove shopping center in Tiburon at lunchtime the other day. I noticed that "Let's Eat" has become Foodniks. The format and offerings are quite similar, deli sandwiches with a wonderful array of inventive salads, with refrigerated cases holding take out and bake yourself type entrees. The counter space seems to have expanded, and the end caps lean toward more practical offerings than the previous business.

Egg Salad Sandwich w/Cous Cous, sweet corn and mushroom salad

I tried the special on the blackboard, a simple egg salad sandwich. I paired it with a cous cous salad with fresh sweet corn and mushrooms. Both were several cuts above typical deli fare. The black current unsweeted ice tea was refreshing and I'd stop by just for it if in the neighborhood again. I suspect this would be a great place to have an office lunch catered from.

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