Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moved and still good


I went to visit Jason's the other day, which moved from San Rafael to Greenbrae a few months ago. There were familiar menu items, and many I haven't yet tried.

Dragon Prawns

I started with some Dragon Prawns, which were large, succulent and very tender. The wasabi aioli sauce was refreshing and the tobiko which were scattered over the dish artfully made a nice finishing touch.

Triple Mushroom Gnocchi

For the main dish I chose the Kitchen Made Gnocchi in a Triple Mushroom Sauce. This is a sensual sauce that slides gracefully over the tongue. It also had pieces of sauteed garlic in it that were so soft and rich in the cream, that I thought for a moment I was tasting bacon parts. I detected portabello, shitake and cremini mushrooms (possibly). Naturally I couldn't finish all this richness, but every bite I took was satisfying.

Apricot and Champagne Sorbet

I ended with a light Champagne Apricot Sorbet. Cold and refreshing, it was the perfect end.

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