Monday, July 14, 2008

Hidden breakfast spot

Depot Garden Cafe

This place is a best kept secret. I've been biding my time to try it ever since I noticed it in San Rafael. The Depot Garden Cafe is on B Street close to Saigon Village.


We decided that it would be cooler to enjoy their back deck. It is pleasant enough, but a little run down. It looks like improvements are under construction.

Pancakes and Eggs

Dad ordered the eggs and pancakes special. There were two huge pancakes on that plate and Dad loved every bite!

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

I tried the Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito. The vegetables were gently folded into the egg (I can't remember all the veggies at the moment). The burrito was great, but I'm not a fan of that type of home fries. The potato was cut in thin pieces like potato chips, then fried. There were crispy potato-chip like pieces, and also more soft and tender pieces as contrast. However, it all just had a little too much oil for my taste. The staff was very friendly and prompt. I enjoyed the warm atmosphere that they created.

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