Saturday, July 12, 2008

Clean and cozy

Tommy's Salsa

Dad and I took a little jaunt over to Novato to try out Tommy's Salsa the other evening. It is clean and bright, and the cutest young girl took our order at the counter.

Tommy's Salsa neon

Tommy's Salsa seems to be well-appreciated in the neighborhood, and is very family friendly.

Chips & condiments

We ordered some chips and guacamole to start. There is a fresh salsa bar, where you choose your favorite style to fill up your bowl. In the meantime, the chips and guacamole had been served, along with a warm refried bean with tomato garnish dip. That was a total surprise, and a nice addition to the rest.

Burrito al Pastor

Dad wanted a Burrito Al Pastor, so that's what he got! This dish, originating in Puebla, Mexico, is the Mexican version of gyros. There were lovely pieces of pork inside, and Dad raved about his dish.

Fish Tacos

I tried the Fish Tacos, which were fabulous! I understand they are the best selling item at Tommys Salsa. Crisp, deep fried moist fish stuffed into warm corn tortillas made fresh daily. The salad topping inside was colorful and fresh. I loved how these were perfectly wrapped to keep parts from dropping out on your lap. Even the lime pieces were thoughtfully sliced in small wedges which maximized the juice squeezed out. The rice was good, and the refried beans were creamy and delicious. Made without lard, they are healthy too. I would definitely recommend this place, especially the Fish Tacos.


Catherine said...

Hmm....looks yummy! I love the idea of a salsa bar!

Greg said...

I live nearby but haven't been in a while. About time to check it out again. Thanks!