Saturday, August 15, 2009

Musing on Monterey

On the pier

I've been to Monterey a number of times now, not only as a visitor before ever moving to California, but many times after moving to Marin as it's a great little get away for those living in the bay area. On my last visit there, while waiting for a business appointment, I was musing on the richness of the agricultural area beyond the lovely seafood found there.

photo credit: iStockphoto
Romain lettuce in Soledad, CA

When I came home, I sifted through some statistics from the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner, and statistics compiled though the State of California. It seems that leafy greens are king there, so much so that I would venture to say, if you've bought leafy greens from a major retailer in your area of the US, you've likely eaten a leafy salad that originated in the green fields of Monterey County. Monterey County accounts for 63% of the total lettuce produced in California. Further California is the leading state in fresh vegetable production in 2007, accounting for 50% of the total US production! The same report mentioned that all types of lettuce was the leading California crop in terms of production. According to a USDA report, Americans eat 50 lbs. of leafy green vegetables a year per capita! If you are visiting and want to nab some farm-fresh produce while there, some Chowhounders have given some tips.

On the Rocks

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