Saturday, August 29, 2009

Charming and cheerful

Amy's Cafe

What a transformation has occured! Amy's Cafe has transformed a space that was occupied by a formerly dreary looking donut joint into a light and airy cheerful place! I was so happy to see that it opened. The interior is black and white with some red accents.

Hot Chocolate

The first clue that I got about it having a Japanese flair was the lovely ceramic cup that my father's hot chocolate came in.


Then my cappuccino came in a nice set that also reminded me of Japan (deceptively as it doesn't occur to most people as something related to Japan).


The salad cinched it. Not only was it in a covered miso soup bowl, who else but the Japanese eat salad for breakfast?! The salad tasted great, very cold iceburg with a nice mild dressing, perhaps miso-based. The waiter solved the mystery by telling me that the chef spent five years in Japan in the restaurant industry.

Eggs Scramble with Smoked Salmon

My Eggs Scramble with Smoked Salmon transported me back to the days of having hotel breakfasts in Osaka or Tokyo at finer hotels. An American breakfast, with Japanese sensibility. Not only was it artfully arranged, it was delicious.

Plain Omelet

My father had the Plain Omelet and enjoyed it very much. I have to note for bagel connoisseurs that the bagels were more bready than dense and chewy. However this was perfect for my father who has difficulty with 'tough' bread. The chef came out and greeted us and we had fun speaking in Japanese. We decided I should come back so we can practice. How fun! And in typical Japanese fashion, he walked me and my Dad out all the way to the car, thanking us for our patronage. Charming and cheerful, and with delicious food! I'll be back for more than the Japanese practice!

Restaurant Inspection Results

Amy's Cafe has not yet been inspected.

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margot said...

I can't wait to try this place! It doesn't look like it will weigh you down the rest of the day like so many restaurant breakfasts.