Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Firefly squid

Firefly Squid

Jo-Ann and I celebrated her birthday at Oyaji yesterday evening. We had a lovely time chatting and enjoying small, flavorful dishes. Hide, the owner, came over with a special treat. He told us "These are not baby squid! These are called firefly squid and are fully adult - try them." We did and they were amazing. A soft and tasty bite they left no fishy aftertaste. The sauce was a miso-mustard with perhaps a dash of mirin. I hadn't planned to blog the meal, but decided to take a photo of the last couple of these most unsual bites. Aparently, these squids glow and can see in color.

Earlier in the week I visited AME with some former colleagues with whom I've keep in contact. I had the best cod dish I think I've ever eaten there, the Broiled Sake Marinated Alaskan Black Cod and Shrimp Dumplings in Shiso Broth. I highly recommend it!

PS - This is not an April Fool's joke!

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