Thursday, April 16, 2009

You'll come back just for him.

Taqueria de Marin

I nearly cruised by Taqueria Mexican Grill de Marin in Kentfield the other day around lunch time, then thought better of it. I'd been here before to have lunch, pre-blogging days, while attending a class at the College of Marin nearby. I remembered it had decent food. I thought it must still have decent food since there was a line out the door at nearly 1 p.m.

Chips & Salsa

The man behind the counter taking orders had such a bright visage and cheerful attitude that no one could help but be infected. He is reason enough to go back, even if the food were less delicious than it was. I ordered the 'some' chips as he indicated there were two sizes, and also there was a variety of salsa he indicated I could choose from further down the counter. These were quite fine chips.

Super Vegetarian Burrito

And here's what my Super Vegetarian Burrito looked like upon arrival.

Inside the Super Vegetarian Burrito

The plastic knife looked a little iffy for actually cutting, so I took a few bites to open it up to show off the interior. I was happy that although not listed, there was freshly sauteed zucchini slices inside besides the usual rice, beans, lettuce, cheese and salsa. It was quite a pleasing burrito. There was also a "New Vegetarian Burrito" listed that appeared to be vegan. The prices are also very reasonable. I will definitely drop by here again.

Restaurant Inspection Results
Critical: 3
Noncritical: 6
Last inspected: 2/5/2009

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kudzu said...

This place deserves credit for persevering for more than twenty years. The man you describe has been there forever, too, and he makes it a pleasure to visit. Maybe there should be a Hall of Fame for Marin restaurants that manage to survive and go beyond the expected to bring us reliable, affordable food.

Anna Haight said...

I didn't know it had been around that long, and it does have a well used look. I love your idea of a Hall of Fame. It would be a great pick me up (better than tiramisu) for putting some cheer into some tough times all around.