Saturday, April 04, 2009

Village Feast

india village

I always remember India Village in San Rafael as a happy place to visit. It may be that is it family owned, and there is usually a person greeting you with a big smile at the door. I went out with some friends who know my favorite blogging hobby, so it was great fun to document a meal that was larger than usual.

Spinach Pakoras

First off we ordered the Spinach Pakoras, which came nestled atop some Papadums. We enjoyed the crispness of spinach coated in chickpea flour before being flash fried.

Green Sauce

We were amazed at the greenness of the mint/cilantro sauce that was served with the appetizer. Upon questioning, we understand there is a bit of coloring added to bring it to this florescence.

Lentil Soup

One friend found the thought of Lentil Soup irresistable. He said it was delicious!

Harabara Naan and Plain Naan

Next up came my favorite Harabara Naan with some plain Naan as well. Despite the eye screaming green, it's one of my favorite things here. It didn't disappoint.

Prawn Curry

The Prawn Curry was simply delightful, fresh and smooth.

Malai Kofta

The main dish that was my choice was Malai Kofta. I love this vegetarian dish. The rolls inside the curry sauce consists of made with cheese, potatoes, nuts, raisins and blended with spices.

Navrattan Korma

The youngest member of the group ordered the Navrattan Korma, a dish I'd never tried before. It was good, now its on my list of rotation! The menu describes it as mixed vegetables with farmer's cheese and nuts.

Tandoori Chicken (half)

The meat eating contingent of the party loved this steaming Half Tandoori Chicken.


And of course some perfectly steamed basmati rice accompanied the meal.

Gulab Jamoon, Keer, Kulfi

And to finish off the meal, individuals ordered an assortment of sweets, Gulab Jamoon, Keer, and Kulfi. Listed as counterclockwise from the brown balls in the photo above. Yet another great evening, and meal at India Village.

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Last inspected: 3/25/2009

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