Friday, April 24, 2009

Japanese Chocolates

Meiji Chocolates

Aren't these flavors fun? Well Strawberry is a fairly usual flavor to pair with chocolate, however I think it's the first time I tasted chocolate that tastes like grape soda. Kind of like your chocolate fell into one. I have to try the Lemon version next. These Meiji chocolates can be found at Nijiya Market in Japantown.


Justin Wilson said...

I used to enjoy Meiji chocolates...especially their Melty Blend variety. However, I recently discovered Royce online at and think that, while a japanese brand too, the flavor is a lot more powerful than Meiji's!

Anna Haight said...

Well there is a huge price difference between the Royce chocolates I saw on line and the easily found Meji ones. I did notice that Royce started in Hokkaido and even has ones with Hokkaido cream in them! I lived in Hokkaido for a year, and am a big fan of Hokkaido products in general! Thanks for bringing these up.