Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Natural & Organic Indian Cafe

Cafe Lotus

Daniel and I went out for a late dinner the other evening, and made it even later by traveling to Fairfax, a very relaxing town with lots of options for the veggie lover. We smelled the wonderful aromas coming from Cafe Lotus and made it our destination.

Seekh Kabab

Daniel was quite exuberant about the smoke arising off of the Seekh Kabab, minced natural lamb kabab with crushed onions, cilantro, and roasted cumin seed. From experience, I knew that it could be difficult to capture the moment of billowing smoke well, but I think it actually photographed pretty dramatically. He was quite loquacious about the flavorful lamb.

Brown Rice

He ordered some brown rice as a side, which also tasted great (he shared some with me too).

Saag Paneer

I had the Saag Paneer, where the cheese part of the dish was made with fresh milk and tasted SO smooth and fresh. The spicing was right in the overall dish as well. Some restaurants make this one a little bland. It wasn't spicy hot, just well seasoned and you could tell that the spinach was fresh also.

Onion Naan

I ordered some onion naan with mine, wow! It had a great texture and had that fresh bread appeal. This is a place I'll love to come back to.


Kalyn said...

I'm not even hungry, but all this food sounds so delicious!

cookiecrumb said...

I'll have to check this place out. (Nyah, nyah, Kalyn!)
BTW, brava on the billowing smoke pic.

Anna Haight said...

Yes Cookiecrumb, this seems to be the real deal! It's one of the places that tempts me to abandon my mission of trying EVERY eating place, and going back to the select best. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi anna:I am looking for a Saturday lunch place in Sausalito for a 10 person bachelorette party. We plan to take the cruise over from SF to Sausalito. Any recommendations? You can email me at ng_lynda at yahoo dot com. Thanks!!

Anna Haight said...

Kalyn, I'm going to have to cook up something for WHB soon!

Lynda, I'll contact you via email.