Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Lunch with a view

As I write this, I've just finished an evenings prep for an Easter picnic on Sunday. I've prepared organic veggies for grilling - asparagus spears, green beans, mini sweet peppers of bright colors all marinating in an e.v.o.o. and fresh lemon mixture. I've also prepared fresh cremini mushroom caps and 'scored' them - those will be the 'hot cross buns' stand in. I'll be making kinpira gobo (braised burdock and carrots), and bringing some sakura mochi (fresh an {red bean} filled mochi wrapped in a fresh edible cherry tree leaf), mini cream puffs and Calpis (a sweet fermented soda drink). I made up some Easter bags full of fun Japanese chocolate and cookie treats for the kids, and some matcha (bitter green tea) chocolate for the adults. Jo-Ann and Jonathon, their kids Toran and Aurelia and their grandfather Hal will be meeting Dad and I up at the same place we had an Easter picnic last year on Mt. Tamalpais. So conveniently, I have some photos from last year. It will be another 70F sunny day, so I'm sure it will be much the same. Jonathon informed me that they'll be bringing some wild salmon to grill, hummus, and some other goodies and Hal is bringing some rosemary bread. Sounds like a feast.


It's Easter, not Thanksgiving, but still I am very thankful for living in such an abundant place where you have natural beauty, high quality food and water (not to mention wine) all around. Despite all the bad news in the press, business couldn't be better and life is good! I hope life is good in your part of the world as well.


linda said...

I am very jealous of your spring picnic. It sounds wonderfully idyllic.

Anonymous said...

hi anna: Did you email me yet with recommendations for a bachelorette party location? I did not receive anything. We are currenly looking at Paradise Bay or Spinnaker. Any suggestions?

Anna Haight said...

Hi anon, I did email you the day that you posted the query -- it came back as undeliverable, and I checked the email carefully. Too long to post on my blog-- if you give me your email again, I'll resend.

Anonymous said...

hi: my email is