Saturday, March 15, 2008

Met the Filmmakers at Sam's

Sam's Anchor Cafe

Last night Sam's Anchor Cafe was the meeting place of Yelpers and Filmmakers at the Tiburon International Film Festival (TIFF). The room was quite well set up, and Sam's did a great job on the food and drink. The little bits and bites that kept circulating with costumed people were quite tasty, as were the Hog Island Oysters set up in a corner. I sampled some kumamotos, just freshly cracked open and seasoned lightly - quite good! Sake2Me had a nice set up in the facing corner and were handing out bottles of quite refreshing infused sakes. I tried their Asian Pear, it was so light and the calories are only around 110 per bottle so I may just have to add this to my on-hand supply of drinks.

Tiburon International Film Festival

The Tiburon Film Festival is playing through March 21st, and has a wonderful variety of independent and thought provoking films. I spent some time talking to Zhihong Yang the Producer of Xiaolin Xiaoli which her husband, Miaoyan Zhang directed. The film is premiering in the US with this festival. The film was made on location in China, and spotlights the plight of the country's urban working class. She was so lit up about the film it is hard to think of missing it! (It plays Monday at 9:45 p.m.) The event was full of exuberance and friendliness and the film festival looks like a great opportunity to experience some fresh voices.

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