Saturday, December 15, 2007


And it's taking. Fukusuke was an old favorite in Sausalito some time ago, and the restaurant disappeared from its long established neighborhood, reportedly, because of an unreasonable rent increase. (I think the space is still unoccupied after a couple years now?) It's reopened in Larkspur, in a tiny space, but the same family is there making all guests feel welcome. Dad and I arrived at 5:45, and there was already a wait to be seated!

Cucumber salad and tsukemono

Fukusuke does not have a sushi bar, nor is sushi a specialty, although you can get some fresh basic sushi items. Home style cooked dishes are what to order here. And as soon as you do, food immediately appears! Each entree comes with a cucumber salad and tsukemono (pickles) first. I also had a bottle of old fashioned Japanese soda called ramune which is sealed with a marble.

Miso Soup

Then comes the smooth and deeply flavored miso soup.


The menu really doesn't have good vegetarian options, so I chose a light yosenabe, or seafood pot. It was chock full of freshly simmered seafood, albacore tuna and vegetables, and it came with an aji-ponzu sauce. It was refreshing and delicious.

Chicken Teriyaki

Dad was in the mood for chicken teriyaki and he said the meat was well marinated and flavorful. He said between bites "oh, this is good!" several times, which is high praise indeed! A friendly motherly sort that was called "okasan (mother)" several times during the evening, brought us some Chinese fortune cookies and stood by the table shaking them until we each chose one of the dancing cookies. A cheerful place with good food, that will lift your spirits!

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